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Welcome to the ACF Quick Edit Fields wiki!

To get started using this plugin, go into Custom Fields -> Field Groups, then select Edit on the field you want to appear in the quick edit menu. In there, you will see the option for adding it to the quick edit menu. (In order to use QuickEdit the Show Column option must be checked also.)

The Settings

Show Column: If checked the ACF field value will be shown in the posts table. If you want to use QuickEdit or BulkEdit as well, this needs to be checked. WordPress only allows BulkEditing of properties if a corresponding column is present in the posts table.

Column Weight: The number entered here is used to sort the post table columns. Higher weighted columns are shifted to the right. The WordPress default columns are weighted as a multiple of 100, with the leftmost column having a weight of 0, the next one 100 and so on.

Allow QuickEdit: Enable Quick editing of the field value. (Please note that “Show Column” must be checked also.)

Allow BulkEdit: Enable Bulk editing of the field values. (Please note that “Show Column” must be checked also.)