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Mouse Click Highlighter
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mClick - Mouse Click and Cursor Highlighter for screen recordings.

Use this Chrome extension for the following:

  • While doing a screencast recording, this will clearly show where your mouse cursor is and where you click on the page. This can be useful for doing webapp tutorials.
  • While doing an online presentation, this can help so that your audience can clearly see where your mouse cursor is.
  • If you use Chromecast, this can highlight your mouse cursor to make it easier to spot.

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  • I am NOT a programmer and this is my first Chrome extension. I made extension because I saw a need (for myself) and didn't find anything suitable for what I wanted.
  • I realize this extension is not that great and has a lot of room for improvement.
  • Below I have a basic roadmap of what I intend (hope) to do with this extension.
  • If you have any suggestions or would like to help, you are welcome to send me an email at
  • To get the most utility from this extension, you should lower your expectations.

Road map:

✓ Version 0.2 - Have a basic functional extension.

  • Mouse cursor is highlighted when moving on the screen.
  • There are mouse click indications for mouse down and mouse up.
  • You can turn the extension on and off.

✓ Version 0.3 - Have user input for most basic functions.

  • User can input custom values for highlight size for all functions (move, click, mouseup, etc).
  • User can input custom values for colors.
  • User can input custom values for opacities.

✓ Version 0.4 - Polished extension. - Still needs more work Autosave

  • Icons will be improved and looked better.
  • Options window will actually look nice(r) and only be as big as needed. Popup window instead of full window. (I don't think this is actually possible.)
  • Default settings for extension will make it look nice and negate any need for most people to ever use options.

Version 0.5 - First release.

  • Do thorough testing and bug fixes. Make sure basic functions work as intended in most circumstances.
  • Package extension and put it on the Chrome app store.
  • Add example gif in this

Version 0.6 - Extended features.

  • Improve transitions and animations (give user options for these?).
  • Come up with something nifty for click and drag. Perhaps a new div shape?
  • In options, have live preview for shapes.

Version 0.7 - Improve options. No need for manual input.

  • Start implementing some of Dallin's code such as right click, left click, middle click and double click.
  • User has the option to use color picker for colors.
  • User has the option to use a slider for object size.
  • User has the option to use a slider for opacity.

Version 0.8 - Explore more features. Test features to see if they are useful or not.

  • Have an indicator for scroll up and scroll down. (?)
  • Improve animations.
  • Have user options to toggle every feature.

Version 0.9 - Bug fixes, code cleanup, and final polish.

  • Fix all bugs so that the extension works in all likely environments.
  • Look over code and clean up what is not necessary. Improve comments to make extension more useful to someone who wants to fork code.
  • Make any last changes for version 1 release.

Version 1.0 - Release!

  • Rerelease on Chrome app store.
  • Share extension with coworkers and friends.
  • Write blog post about extension and do some promotion.
  • Update roadmap for version 2.0.
  • Buy myself ice cream and/or pizza and celebrate.

Version 2.0+ - Start integrating keyboard indicators.

  • Come up with a slick way to show keyboard key presses.
  • Find out how to display key press combinations.
  • Allow user options to toggle this feature.
  • Be able to use on more than just the active page.


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