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The ownership and ongoing maintenance of this project has been taken on by @rianjs and has therefore been moved to As per the new repository name, this project is now known as Ical.Net and is available via nuget at

If you have previously cloned and/or forked this project, please change the remote for the root origin to (or dependent upon how you are accessing the github repository)

Thanks to @rianjs for taking this on! As per his recent (July 1st, 2016) email to me:


About 6 weeks ago, I was able to track down Doug Day, the original author of dday.ical. (It wasn't easy.) He relinquished the copyright, and gave me permission to open source dday.ical under a new name, and under a permissive license.

I renamed it to, and licensed it under the MIT license:

I also wrote up a short history which explains the relationship of to dday.ical, and created a contributors page where you and Doug are both listed. (If you hadn't saved dday.ical from the dustbin of sourceforge history, we'd be screwed.)

I did this because I wanted to use dday.ical in production without concerns about licensing or copyright, and I wanted my bugfixes and performance enhancements to be available to everyone. The performance enhancements are significant: on my machine,'s unit test suite completes in about 3.5 seconds. In dday.ical, it completes in about 17 seconds. (The unit tests are identical; there's no number games here.)

I wanted this newer, better version, unencumbered by ambiguous licensing out in the world for people to use. To that end, I published a nuget package:

If I have time this afternoon, I'm going to broaden the availability to .NET 3.5 and .NET Core.

Would you mind committing a delete of the dday.ical repo, and pointing people to in the I intend to maintain the library for the long-term, including the nuget package. I'm happy to give you commit rights if you wish.

Regards, Rian