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Example chat room with a delay
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App: Calm comments


A basic commenting system with a twist. All new and updated posts are sequestered for up to 5 minutes. After 5 minutes is up, posts are broadcasted through to all connected clients.


People are different. Some need time to think and consider but some chat rooms can be too busy for them. By sequestering all posts, users get a chance to consider their post.

Future directions

  • The sequester time (5 minutes) is hard coded. Should be configurable.
  • Other rooms
  • Indication of those posts that are new and updated.
  • Some limits on scroll


  • React(ES6) & Redux based SPA application
  • Markdown for editing
  • Express on node backend
  • Full CRUD actions for posts through the API
  • for outbound from server updates
  • Postgres database for accounts and posts
  • Sequelize for Postgres models
  • Salted bcrypt and peppered AES256 encrypted passwords
  • Passportjs authentication middleware
  • Redis for session storage
  • Material-UI use for some UI, custom fields for others
  • Production configuration for webpack to reduce build sizes
  • chai & mocha based tests

Screen shots

Main Page

Main Page




  • Uses a personally modified version of Loading Wheel by Guilhem from the Noun Project under CC BY 3.0 US

Copyright 2017 Mark Williams

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