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Home of the MDN interactive code examples.

Project maintainers

Should you have any questions regarding this project, please feel free to @mention either @wbamberg or @schalkneethling

Good first issues

Want to contribute to the interactive examples project? Here are a couple of good first issues to get you started. Thanks!

Good first issues

Folder structure

  • [css] - This contains the CSS used by the base templates.
  • [js] - This contains the JS used by the base templates.
  • [live-examples] - This contains the live example CSS and JS fragments.
  • [media] - This contains images used by the live examples and templates.
  • [tmpl] - The base templates.

The dynamically generated pages, their dependencies, and assets are generated to the prod branch.

Browser support baseline

The following is a list of browser/version combinations that are supported by the interactive editor. In browsers that do not meet the criteria, the editor degrades gracefully to displaying static examples.

  • Firefox - Latest three release versions.
  • Chrome - Latest three release versions.
  • Opera - Latest two release versions.
  • Safari - Latest two release versions.
  • Internet Explorer - version 11.
  • Edge - Latest release version.


If you're interested in contributing to this project, great! Please see the CONTRIBUTING document.