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Background: According to International Accounting Standards, Intellectual Property may not be recorded on balance sheets. It is partly the cause for differences between market capitalization of shares and balance sheet asset values. In my view the origin of the accounting standards relates much to philosophical and religious convictions whereby "the Creator who forms" new ideas, "is" sacrificed. The capital of new ideas has been and currently is, subject to the use of "intelligence". Consequentially it is very difficult for creative people to monetize their ideas. Ideas are common property and free to appropriate. Imparting of ideas is protected in secular Constitutions and Labour Law. During the Enlightenment philosophers motivated rights to salaries and wages, but they did not motivate rights to ideas generated. Generating ideas is the first step of improvement. If people who have easy access to money also have easy access to new ideas, they can easily employ the necessary labour and buy necessary natural resources to develop valuable new ideas, whilst excluding the ones who generated the ideas. Refer to the Wiki for more background information: ||||| Proposal: The proposal herewith is to form an exchange exclusively for Intellectual Property Parts (ipparts). According to the plan creative people who need finance to develop their ideas will sell ipparts in their goodwill, copyrights, and other intellectual property, which may not be capitalized on balance sheets. Ipparts will be traded as ERC20 Ethereum tokens or as other tokens on another blockchain. Forming new Ipparts and the exchange will be technology available for free (mahala), to anyone who wants to monetize their assets i.e. copyrights, goodwill, trademarks etc, which may not be recorded on balance sheets according to International Accounting Standards. ||||| Currently Africahead is busy with an over the counter ICO at The website is very basic and most is done manually. The purpose of the ICO is raising funds for expansion of the Africahead business, which will include a new website. After the ICO raised new capital I want to list the issued Africahead Ipparts (AFA) ( on the envisaged Ipparts Exchange, as the first token, backed by a brand. Then want to see other tokens, using the idea on the same exchange, which should be exclusively an Ipparts Exchange. Contact me (Marquard Pienaar) at