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Deasciifier adds missing accented characters to Turkish text. It's based on Deniz Yuret's Turkish Mode for Emacs.

This repository contains libraries for JavaScript, C++ and C# as well as a website, a Chrome extension and a Firefox add-on.


Chrome extension:

Firefox add-on:

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Build instructions

The build uses:

Build the project as follows:

# Release build:
ant build-all

# Debug build:
ant build-all

This will write build artifacts to the output/ directory. JavaScript artifacts can be found under output/js/release (or output/js/debug):

  • chrome_extension/: Directory containing Chrome extension code
  • firefox_extension/: Directory containing Firefox extension code
  • deasciifier.min.js: Minified JS library
  • deasciifier.patterns.min.js: Minified pattern data
  • deasciify_box.lib.min.js: Minified DeasciifyBox library (deprecated, do not use)

Minification of JS code is done using Closure Compiler. A copy of Closure Compiler is included under tools/closure_compiler.


The v2 version of the library is written in TypeScript. See src/typescript/


The website is a static page. To build, do the following:

# Build all targets
ant build-all

# Build v2 Typescript library
cd src/typescript
npm run-script build

cd ../../website
python3 -m http.server

You can now load the site at http://localhost:8000.