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Vim plugin to quickly view info about the packages you use
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It lets you view the latest version of each package of your dependency.


Cargo.toml package.json requirements.txt Pipfile pyproject.toml

Currently supports:

  • javascript:
    • package.json
  • rust:
    • Cargo.toml
  • python:
    • requirements.txt
    • Pipfile
    • pyproject.toml

Default colors:

  • green: patch update
  • cyan: minor update
  • red: major update


Make sure you have node support for neovim. Run the command npm install -g neovim to add it. #20

Use your favorite plugin manager to install the plugin. I use vim-plug.

Plug 'meain/vim-package-info', { 'do': 'npm install' }

After installing the plugin, run :UpdateRemotePlugins to register it with Neovim.

Needs virtual text support. ( Neovim 0.3.2 )

Check if echo has('nvim-0.3.2') returns 1


Change prefix

let g:vim_package_info_virutaltext_prefix = '  ¤ '

Change highlight group

let g:vim_package_info_virutaltext_highlight = 'NonText'

There are three other highlight groups that you can change. You can change them like this

hi VimPackageInfoPatch guifg=#8BC34A
hi VimPackageInfoMinor guifg=#00BCD4
hi VimPackageInfoMajor guifg=#F44336

Possible issues

The plugin might conflict with ALE or any other plugins that use virtualtext. This is because virtualtext context is the same for all the plugins and if one clears the virtualtext it will clear the virutaltext that was made by all plugins.

Not a lot can be done about this, but in the case of ALE you can checkout #14.


Adding a new config file type

It is more or less just adding a few regex templates and a some other stuff. Here are a rough sketch of the steps. Feel free to open an issue and ask if you need more help.

  1. parser.js > depMarkers : specify start and end tokens for different groups
  2. parser.js > nameParserRegex : regex to find the name from a line in the config
  3. parser.js > versionParserRegex : regex to find the current version from a line in the config
  4. utils.js : Add key to global.vimnpmcache
  5. utils.js > getUrl : Add a url formatter
  6. utils.js > getLatestVersion : Find latest version from the received data
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