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Open Geo Data Repository

Mecklenburg County GIS | Mecklenburg County, North Carolina


Open data has four key attributes:

  • The work is accessible to everyone.
  • You have the right to redistribute the work.
  • You have the right to modify and make derivative works.
  • The work is available in open, non-proprietary formats.

Mecklenburg County believes in the power of open data and the ingenuity of its citizens. Opening public data enhances government transparency and encourages public participation and collaboration. We hope you use our data to create innovative tools and applications.


All of the data can be found in the data folder. The layers are in a GeoJSON format in WGS84 projection. Layer and column names have selected to be meaningful enough to impart their definition, but please contact us if you have any questions. You can click on layers and preview/query the data on a map.

GeoJSON is just JSON and can be consumed as such by software. There are any number of tools for viewing or manipulating GeoJSON. In particular, we recommend:

  • QGIS for a desktop GIS platform.
  • Leaflet for creating interactive web applications.


All of our data is licensed under the MIT open source license.