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Set collection as specified in ECMAScript 6
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Set collection as specified in ECMAScript6


If you want to make sure your environment implements Set, do:


If you'd like to use native version when it exists and fallback to polyfill if it doesn't, but without implementing Set on global scope, do:

var Set = require('es6-set');

If you strictly want to use polyfill even if native Set exists, do:

var Set = require('es6-set/polyfill');


$ npm install es6-set

To port it to Browser or any other (non CJS) environment, use your favorite CJS bundler. No favorite yet? Try: Browserify, Webmake or Webpack


Best is to refer to specification. Still if you want quick look, follow examples:

var Set = require('es6-set');

var set = new Set(['raz', 'dwa', {}]);

set.size;          // 3
set.has('raz');    // true
set.has('foo');    // false
set.add('foo');    // set
set.size           // 4
set.has('foo');    // true
set.has('dwa');    // true
set.delete('dwa'); // true
set.size;          // 3

set.forEach(function (value) {
 // 'raz', {}, 'foo' iterated

// FF nightly only:
for (value of set) {
 // 'raz', {}, 'foo' iterated

var iterator = set.values();; // { done: false, value: 'raz' }; // { done: false, value: {} }; // { done: false, value: 'foo' }; // { done: true, value: undefined }

set.clear(); // undefined
set.size; // 0

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$ npm test
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