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This is a collection of packages which I use across many of my personal projects. All packages intended to be used start with an m, packages not starting with m are for internal use within this set of packages.

Usage notes

  • In general, all checking of equality of errors, e.g. err == io.EOF, done on errors returned from the packages in this project should be done using merr.Equal, e.g. merr.Equal(err, io.EOF). The merr package is used to wrap errors and embed further metadata in them, like stack traces and so forth.


Here are general guidelines I use when making decisions about how code in this repo should be written. Most of the guidelines I have come up with myself have to do with package design, since packages are the only thing which have any rigidity and therefore need any rigid rules.

Everything here are guidelines, not actual rules.

  • gofmt -s



  • Package names may be abbreviations of a concept, but types, functions, and methods should all be full words.

  • When deciding if a package should initialize a struct as a value or pointer, a good rule is: If it's used as an immutable value it should be a value, otherwise it's a pointer. Even if the immutable value implementation has internal caching, locks, etc..., that can be hidden as pointers inside the struct, but the struct itself can remain a value type.

  • A function which takes in a context.Context and returns a modified copy of that same context.Context should have a name prefixed with With, e.g. WithValue or WithLogger. Exceptions like Annotate do exist.


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