This Visual Studio Code extension shows end-of-line character (CR, LF, or CRLF) when whitespace rendering is turned on.
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Render CRLF

This extension shows end-of-line character (CR, LF, or CRLF) when whitespace rendering is turned on.


If whitespace rendering is turned on, you will see symbol for either LF (), CRLF (), or CR ().


Extension Settings

This extension contributes the following settings (compatible with code-eol extension):

  • code-eol.newlineCharacter: Character used to display LF (line-feed) line ending (aka Linux/Mac line ending).

  • code-eol.returnCharacter: Character used to display CR (carriage-return) line ending (aka old Macintosh line ending).

  • code-eol.code-eol.crlfCharacter: Character used to display CRLF (carriage-return, line-feed) line ending (aka Windows line ending).

Color is taken from editorWhitespace.foreground theme color (also used by Visual Studio Code to color whitespace symbols).

Atom Style Configuration

"code-eol.returnCharacter" :"¤",
"code-eol.crlfCharacter"   :"¤¬",

Default Configuration

"code-eol.returnCharacter" :"←",
"code-eol.crlfCharacter"   :"↵",

Known Issues

Mixed Line Endings Are Not Supported

Visual Studio Code normalizes line endings upon load and thus this extension will only show one kind of line ending character. Currently it is not possible to have multiple different line endings (see issue 127).

CR Line Ending Is Not Supported

Visual Studio does not support CR line ending (see issue 35797). Therefore, while you can configure it, you will never see CR as a line ending.

Not Rendering Glyphs For Large Files

For performance reasons Visual Studio Code doesn't synchronise files that are over 5MB in size (see issue 27100). Therefore, no line-ending characters will be visible on large files.

Release Notes

Parsing code is based on that's in turn based on Major credit goes to them.

Whats improved?

  1. Visibility of EOL is taken from editor.renderwhitespace that's conviniently controlled by View, Toogle Render Whitespace.

  2. Configuration is dynamically updated upon setting change.


Improved interface for settings.


Initial release.