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meine erde

This is the data for my blog. It is automatically transformed to HTML using nanoc

After having developed some content management systems on my own (two in PHP, one in Python/Django), I finally grew up enough to use something others have developed.

Being kind-of a hacker and realizing that every system I looked at would have to be heavily customized to feel like home, I came across those static site generators like Jekyll and nanoc I felt right at home. So here it is. The complete source of meine erde is stored inside this git repository.

And should I ever feel like abandoning the site, I will not have to maintain an outdated system anymore. Plain HTML files are easy to keep alive :)


All textual and media content (especially everything inside the content/articles and static/media directories) is licensed under cc by-sa 3.0 de. Everything else including code snippets inside the articles, the CSS, design and the nanoc additions are licensed under MIT. Possible exceptions are stated in the respective files.

At the very least, provide a link to and mention my name (Holger Just).

The fonts inside the static/fonts directory are copyrighted by the respective artists. They were all transformed for the web using the awesome @font-face generator by Font Squirrel.

copyright by Raph Levien, licensed under SIL Open Font License
Calluna, Fontin Sans, Museo, Museo Sans
Copyright by Jos Buivenga, licensed under the exljbris Font Foundry Free Font License