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Base Bahmni distribution for Haiti implementations
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The Bahmni Haiti Distribution

The Bahmni Haiti distribution packages common configurations and metadata to use Bahmni in Haiti.

This repository maintains the 'distro POM' for the Bahmni Haiti Distribution.

It downloads and brings in one place all artifacts needed by the distribution, simply run:

mvn clean package

This distribution can be used as a parent distribution when implementing Bahmni in Haiti. It already ships out of the box with a number of useful common features that are shared across many Haitian clinical setups: the registration process, the address hierarchy of Haiti, a concept dictionary, ... etc.

To use it, simply refer to it as a <parent> in a child distribution's pom.xml file:


Target inventory:

  • bahmni_emr/
    The target version of the front-end apps that makes 'Bahmni EMR'.
  • bahmni_config/
    The bespoke Bahmni configuration (more here) to be consumed by Bahmni Apps.
  • openmrs_modules/
    The required set of OpenMRS modules.
  • openmrs_config/
    The OpenMRS bespoke configuration (more here) to be processed by the Initializer module.
  • openmrs_core/ The target version of OpenMRS Core.
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