An integrated context-aware scanner and parser generator
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Copper is a Java-based integrated scanner and parser generator developed by the Minnesota Extensible Language Tools (MELT) research group at the University of Minnesota with assistance from the National Science Foundation, IBM, the McKnight Foundation, and Adventium Labs. It serves as the parsing back-end of Silver, another MELT tool.

Copper employs a modified scanning algorithm, context-aware scanning, which uses parsing context to resolve lexical ambiguities. This allows for more declarative parser specifications, especially of embedded and extensible languages.

Downloads and documentation

This site offers the following downloads:

  • JARs for Copper versions 0.6.0 and greater (see for detailed Copper version information).
  • Copper's source code, including example parser specifications.
  • A PDF user manual intended for those who use Copper directly.
  • Javadoc for the APIs of Copper's parser compiler and parsers, intended primarily for developers who wish to use Copper as a back-end.

MELT's Copper website contains: