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Member is a Bitcoin Cash blockchain browser. It reads and allows users to create actions in the Memo/Member protocol. Notably it displays and creates posts, likes, tips, profiles, reputational ratings and geolocated posts. It is designed to be a 'fat' javascript client app that runs against a relatively dumb server. You can see it online here -


Github requires only master branch can be used for webpages, so development branch is main branch.


The client is an HTML5/JS BCH blockchain browser app with no outside js dependencies. It can be run from a website, or from a local file system. Currently it connects to the Member server to get content, and uses Bitbox to get utxos and broadcast transactions.


->New CSS designs

-->Particularly one similar to Reddit.

->Security review

-->Review handling of private keys, assess for XSS vulnerabilities, make recommendations for improvements

->Bug tracker

-->List of issues on, many are client only.


The server currently consists of

Node.js program with memory leak, needs reset every 6 hours

PHP scripts to serve requests from client

MySQL server

Neo4j server (for trust graph)

Bitbox server dependency

Bitcoin Unlimited node


->Fix memory leak in Node.js

->Merge PHP scripts into Node.js program

->Replicate parts of Bitbox functionality required (get utxos, broadcast tx mostly)

->Allow alternatives to running mysql server - maybe using file based db system

->Transition to BCHD node


->Regularly using Member from the perspective of a new user and reporting bugs and problems ->Using Member as a regular user and reporting bugs and problems ->Collecting bug reports from forums etc and entering them in the github bug tracking system.

Desktop App

The app will package a BCH node (BCHD), Server and Client. It should allow one click install and setup.


->Create User Friendly installer for various platforms.

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps will rely on a remote server. This might be a server provided by Member, or the member's own server.


->Iphone app

->Android app


->A host with good capacity and DDOS protection would be helpful to the project.


Member is a non profit project. It is free to use and there won't be ads or data mining. However it's always helpful to have more funds for development and hosting. If you'd like to help the project financially - buy some MEMBER tokens at the lowest available market rate here

You'll appear on the top supporters page, here

(The only use of MEMBER tokens is to hold them to appear higher on the top supporters page)

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