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Meraki Dashboard with Google Scripts & Forms


This learning lab demonstrates the power of Meraki APIs with Google Scripts and Forms.

By building a simple Google Form and attaching a script written in JavaScript, a Meraki Dashboard administrator can easily be created. This is incredibly helpful when running workshops that require several administrators to have access to a lab network.


Create a Google Form

The first two questions should be as follows:

  • Email
  • Name



Link the form to a Google Script

Google Scripts Menu

Paste the contents of this repository's file into the Google Scripts IDE.

Google Scripts IDE

Add a Trigger to launch the script when the Form is submitted.

Triggers Menu

Configure the trigger

  • Run: onFormSubmit
  • Events: From form
  • --> On form submit


Test the API calls

Several additional functions are included in this code to allow you to test with sample data and collect information.

  • Run --> Select a test function

Run Menu

Feel free to modify the sample JSON data defined in the testAddMerakiAdmin function.

function testAddMerakiAdmin(){
  var data = {
    "name":"Google Scripts Demo",
    "email":"", // change this to an email you have access to!

View the results

  • View --> Logs

Logs Menu


Google Form

Now that the API calls are working, test the Google Form by hitting the preview button.


Complete the form with a valid email address.


If everything worked, you should get an email from Meraki asking to complete the admin account verification.

Logs Menu

Verify Meraki account is created

  • Meraki Dashboard --> Organization --> Administrators

Admin Users


You have now used the Meraki APIs to dynamically create Meraki administrator accounts. With Google Apps, you do not even need to host a server to run the application. Cool!

Meraki API Resources