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Free your Dashboard widgets to the desktop.
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Free your Dashboard widgets to the desktop.

This repo contains three projects based on the same codebase:

  1. Amnesty, the original application I released in 2005 days after the release of Tiger. Unlike a lot of misinformation passed around following its release, Amnesty is not a wrapper for the "dev mode trick." Rather, Amnesty is a reverse engineered, feature complete version of Apple's Dashboard server. This allowed a number of unique features: giving Konfabulator-like features to widgets (desktop level, opacity), advanced compositing (rotation and scaling) and allowing widgets to run on Panther (a feature no longer functional as of this build).

  2. Amnesty Screen Saver, a simple demonstration of using the Amnesty engine to render a functional widget in an OS X Screen Saver.

  3. Amnesty Singles, an "application builder" that allowed conversion of widgets into OS X applications (a bit less full featured than Amnesty, but more useful for a lot of users). Amnesty Singles includes a bundled "generic" application titled AmnestyClient that wraps the Amnesty engine. The Amnesty Singles process modifies the generic application plist with information detailing the bundled (or referenced) widget.

Incidentally, had Apple not included the "dev mode trick" in production versions of Tiger I would have become a rich man. :-) Still, Amnesty is my most successful product from a sales and PR perspective (including a sidebar in David Pogue's Missing Manual for Tiger) and I'm glad so many people were able to enjoy it.

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