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MetaCall Examples

A collection of use cases and examples to be deployed in MetaCall. For more information, visit MetaCall.

  • Typescript React SSR: A hello world react app with server side rendering example using typescript.
  • Python Web App: A basic example of a template web that gives you the current time.
  • Auth Middleware: Example of how to implement a middleware using JWT by function composition pattern in NodeJS.
  • Auth Function Mesh: An example of a function mesh using NodeJS for JWT authentication and Python as a frontend using the auth service.

We also maintain other examples, which are published in different repositories:

  • Mailchimp Subscription: A complete example for setup Mailchimp subscriptions, includes Express for handling Webhooks.
  • Mailchimp DynamoDB Newsletter: A self contained solution for a Newsletter. A micro front-end, serverless function and a service (Express).

Article Examples

There are other examples for articles that we write in our blog. We are opened to publish articles written by the community too.

Community Examples

A part from the examples contained in this repository, we are interested in maintaining examples done by the community. The following list contains other repositories with examples ready to be deployed in MetaCall that are supported by contributors.