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👌 ESLint plugin for Prettier formatting, which is better for Vue SFC
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Make prettier work better with eslint-plugin-vue on .vue files



Works with <script>, <style> and custom blocks:




npm install --save-dev \
  eslint-plugin-prettier-vue \
  eslint-plugin-vue \
  eslint-config-prettier \
  eslint \

ESLint Config

// .eslintrc.js
module.exports = {
  extends: [

  settings: {
    'prettier-vue': {
      // Settings for how to process the custom blocks
      customBlocks: {
        // Treat the `<docs>` block as a `.markdown` file
        docs: { lang: 'markdown' },

        // Treat the `<config>` block as a `.json` file
        config: { lang: 'json' },

        // Treat the `<module>` block as a `.js` file
        module: { lang: 'js' },

        // Ignore `<comments>` block (omit it or set it to `false` to ignore the block)
        comments: false,

        // Other custom blocks that are not listed here will be ignored, too

      // Use prettierrc for prettier options or not (default: `true`)
      usePrettierrc: true,

      // Set the options for `prettier.getFileInfo`.
      // @see
      fileInfoOptions: {
        // Path to ignore file (default: `'.prettierignore'`)
        // Notice that the ignore file is only used for this plugin
        ignorePath: '.testignore',

        // Process the files in `node_modules` or not (default: `false`)
        withNodeModules: false,

        // Array of plugins (default: `[]`)
        // @see
        plugins: ['@prettier/plugin-pug'],

  rules: {
    'prettier-vue/prettier': [
        // Override all options of `prettier` here
        // @see
        printWidth: 100,
        singleQuote: true,
        semi: false,
        trailingComma: 'es5',
  • DO NOT use eslint-plugin-prettier together. This plugin is based on eslint-plugin-prettier so you do not need it.
  • DO NOT add extends: ['prettier/vue'], as you need the rules from eslint-plugin-vue to lint the <template> block of .vue files.


MIT © @meteorlxy & Contributors

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