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Yet Another Rubygems Proxy

Yarp is a small Sinatra app that makes your bundler faster. You'll love it if you update your apps a lot... or simply deploy a lot.

On a example medium-sizes application with 34 direct gems dependencies, Yarp makes my bundle commands up to 80% faster:

direct Rubygems with `` local Yarp
bundle install (1 gem missing) 170 s 51 s 24 s
bundle update (73 updates) 140 s 65 s 45 s
bundle update (no change) 26 s 13 s 8.5 s

Thats a 45% percent win right there. 8 seconds shaved of my deploy times. If you deploy 20 times a day to your staging environments and 5 times a day to production, you're getting 15 minutes of your life back every week. Make those count!

Installation and usage

Deploy your own Yarp or use the one at

For projects using bundler

Just replace this line on top of your Gemfile:

source ''

By one of the following:

source ''
source ''

You're done.

If you want/need SSL connections, you can use the Heroku URLs:

source ''
source ''

Your own local Yarp

You can make this even faster by deploying your very own, local Yarp. Example install with the excellent Pow:

curl | sh      # unless you already have Pow
git clone ~/.yarp
ln -s ~/.yarp ~/.pow/yarp

Then change your Gemfile's' source line to:

source ENV.fetch('GEM_SOURCE', '')

And add the GEM_SOURCE to your ~/.profile or ~/.zshrc:

export GEM_SOURCE=

Why the dance with ENV.fetch? Simply because your codebase may be deployed or used somewhere lacking; this gives you a fallback to another source of gems.

Outside of bundler

Edit the sources entry in your ~/.gemrc:


assuming you've followed the Pow instructions above; or use one of the servers instead.

How it works & Caveats

Yarp caches calls to Rubygem's dependency API, spec files, and gems for 24 hours if using (eu|us) It redirects all other calls to Rubygems directly.

This means that when gems get released or updated, you'll lag a day behind.

Hacking Yarp

Checkout, make sure you have a Memcache running, configure .env, and

$ bundle exec foreman run rackup

Thake a long look at the .env file, as most configuration options for Yarp are there.


Yarp is released under the MIT licence. Copyright (c) 2013 HouseTrip Ltd.