scripts to be run on mozilla/telemetry-server for grabbing fennec telemetry
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MapReduce jobs to be run on mozilla/telemetry-server for grabbing fennec telemetry.

To run a MapReduce job:

  1. Visit and launch a worker with your public SSH key

  2. Login to machine with SSH command given (wait about 5 mins for keys to propogate)

  3. Clone this repo in the home directory and run the job:

    $ git clone
    # with and my_filter.json as files in jobs/ and filters/
    $ ./fennec-telemetry/ -j my_job -f my_filter
  4. Wait

  5. Get results!

See all options: ./fennec-telemetry/ -h

Make a pull request if you would like to add a new job or filter!


  • You may find this base job helpful for creating new jobs that process the event / session stream from Fennec's UI telemetry.
  • UITelemetry didn't start reporting on nightly until 20140404 (the start date in the base filter).

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