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AI Agents for the Game Kingdomino

This repository contains implementations AI agents for playing the game of Kingdomino. The agents were used for the experiments in the scientific article "Monte Carlo Methods for the Game Kingdomino" by M. Gedda, M.Z. Lagerkvist, and M. Butler. The article is accepted for publication at the IEEE Conference on Computational Intelligence and Games 2018 (CIG 2018).

The agents are implemented in Java and use a small amount of optimizations. The aim of the article was to examine and compare different strategies rather than creating a fully optimized implementation.

The agents use a REST API to communicate with a Kingdomino game server. The server implementation can be downloaded from


The implementations should not be viewed as idiomatic code. They are written to solve specific problems and do not pretend to follow industry code conventions or design principles.

This software is copyrighted under the MIT license. It is free to use at your own free will but provided "as is" and without any warranty. See LICENSE.txt for detailed license information.