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Combine Archive

This provide an experimental implementation of a Java API to the combine archive (

The archive maintains the manifest of the archive and provides access to the metadata file to enable custom annotation of the archive. It provides basic annotation of the archive including the creation and modification dates of the contents. This could be extended to include, for example, the date elements were added to the archive etc.

The API is relatively simple to use. There are two examples files in the that show how to create and populate a new archive and also how to update an existing archive. These are called:


Build Instructions

The project is built using Apache Ant and uses Apache Ivy for dependency resolution.

Building from command line
# fetch dependencies
ant resolve
# create the JARS containing binaries, sources and documentation
ant jarAll

For a list of all available targets please use ant -p.

IDE Support

Eclipse and IntelliJ IDEA project files are available in the project's root folder. Ensure you perform dependency resolution (by running ant resolve) so that your classpath is configured correctly.


Feedback and suggestions are welcome.

Developed by Stuart Moodie. Maintained by Mihai Glonț. Please raise issues or feature requests on GitHub.


Copyright EMBL-EBI 2017. This code is licensed under Apache V2.0. See LICENSE for more details.


A Java Library to support the Combine Archive




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