A cloud-based, speech-recognition enabled PBX system for local governments
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Munivox is a cloud telephony application specifically engineered for local governments.

Munivox makes it easy for small local governments to implement a sophisticated cloud-based PBX system with the following features:

* Set up unlimited numbered extensions that can forward to any cell phone or landline.
* Accept inbound calls from landline phones, cell phones, Skype or SIP-based phones.
* Enable speech recognition, to allow callers to select an extension or service using their voice instead of touch tone. 
* Enable voice mail recording with message recordings routed to specified users.
* Enable transcription of voice mail recordings with transcription results e-mailed to specified users.
* Enable "screen pops" with call transfers, to allow government employees to see information on inbound calls.

Munivox also allows local governments to set up voice announcements, so that citizens can call a single number and select an extension to hear information on things like:

* Public park hours.
* Municipal building hours.
* Special event or parade information.
* Garbage or trash pick up schedules.

Munivox brings the power of voice and cloud telephony to local governments.

Munivox is written in PHP and makes use of the following tools / components:

* The Tropo platform (http://www.tropo.com).
* The PHP WebAPI library for building Tropo applications (http://github.com/tropo/tropo-webapi-php).
* The Limonade Framework for PHP applications (http://www.limonade-php.net/).

Copyright 2010 Mark Headd