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JavaScript full-stack starter kit based on Node.js, React, MongoDB, Swagger & Babel
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JavaScript Full-Stack Starter Kit 🚀

An opinionated & minimalist JavaScript full-stack starter kit. Based on popular frameworks such as Node.js, React, MongoDB, Swagger, Babel and Docker.


  • Node.js backend with Express
  • Swagger API specification & validation
  • MongoDB database
  • React frontend
  • Next generation JavaScript agnostic setup with Babel
  • Multi-container Docker setup
  • Handy Makefile commands for easy Docker orchestration
  • Code style & code quality enforcement with ESLint & Prettier
  • Mono-repo approach



Clone this repository and run the following command for a local dev environment:

make up

This will spin up a database instance running on localhost:27017, a backend instance running on localhost:1337 and a frontend instance running on localhost:3000. See docker-compose.yml for the detailed setup. You can specify also only a single service via make up frontend.


To run all test just enter:

make test

This will run all tests defined in the backend and frontend directories. See for the detailed setup. Can ideally be used in your CI runners.



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