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Gravatar Plugin for Lithium

The Lithium Gravatar plugin (Li3 Gravatar) allows you to interact with Gravatar ( images and profiles. It provides a helper for displaying Gravatars and a model for requesting user profiles from Gravatar.

Rendering Gravatars in your views

The plugin comes with a helper which makes it very easy to display Gravatars in your views:

// Renders an <img> tag with the Gravatar for
<?=$this->gravatar->image(''); ?>

You may use the options 'default', 'size' and 'rating' and/or any HTML attribute to adjust the output to your needs.

// Renders an <img> tag with the class "gravatar", a fallback image on the server and a different size.
<?=$this->gravatar->image('', array(
	'default' => '/img/avatar.png',
	'size' => 40,
	'class' => 'gravatar'

In case you only need the URL of the Gravatar (for example in order to improve initial load times by creating the tags via JavaScript), the url method is what you want:

<div class="gravatar" data-image="<?=$this->gravatar->url(''); ?>"></div>

Retrieving profiles from Gravatar

The GravatarProfiles model allows you to fetch public profile information from Gravatar:

use li3_gravatar\models\GravatarProfiles;
$profile = GravatarProfiles::fetch('');

For more information on Gravatar profiles please refer to

Please note: The model doesn't use a database connection. In order to store the profile data you need to create your own model.