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righteous: Python RightScale API client

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righteous is a Python client implementation of the RightScale API for EC2 instance management.


righteous provides an API and CLI to create, start/stop, delete, remove and introspect RightScale EC2 Servers. This library implements RightScale API 1.0 and has only been tested with EC2 instances using ServerTemplates and managed in a Deployment.


Get it from pypi (like it's hot):

pip install righteous

API Usage

First, initialise righteous (to access all the current functionality (besides creating new instances), you just need to provide the following authentication parameters):

import righteous
username, password = '', 'security'
# find your RightScale account_id by going to Settings -> Account Settings in the RightScale Dashboard
# The URL that is shown in your browser's location bar should look like the following:
account_id = 1234
righteous.initialise(username, password, account_id)

# list servers
servers = righteous.list_servers()

CLI Usage

Configure the CLI by copying righteous.config.template to ~/.righteous and customise appropriately.

Righteous CLI.

  righteous [options] list
  righteous [options] create <environment> <instance-type> (<server-template-key>=<server-template-value>)...
  righteous [options] stop <environment>...
  righteous [options] status <environment>...
  righteous [options] delete <environment>...
  righteous --version

  -c FILE --config=FILE        Specify the configuration file location, default is ~/.righteous
  -v --verbose                 Show debug output          
  -h --help                    Show this screen.

List all the instances

$ righteous list

Status of a single instance

$ righteous status my-instance

Stop an instance

$ righteous stop my-instance

Remove an instance

$ righteous delete my-instance

Development / Running the tests

$ nosetests

The integration tests take a couple of minutes to run since they test all the current functionality (creating, starting, stopping and deleting environments, server templates and deployments) against RightScale. These tests require a configured righteous.config in the root of the directory, so copy and customise righteous.config.template before running:

$ nosetests tests.integration.base

Michael Joseph 2012