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= English

English is a spin-off of Facets, collecting together all the English
language libraries together under a single unified project. The English
project intends to provided a general purpose set of English-oriented 
text manipulation and natural language processing Ruby libraries in one
convenient package.

The library thus far consists of censor.rb, double_metaphone.rb, dresner.rb,
inflect.rb, jumble.rb, levenshtein.rb, metaphone.rb, numerals.rb, patterns.rb,
porter_stemming.rb, roman.rb, similarity.rb, soundex.rb and textfilter.rb.

== Release Notes

Please see the NOTES file.

== Usage

Please see the API documentation.

== Install

  % gem install english

or download the .zip file and install manually:

  % unzip
  % cd english-x.y.z
  % sudo task/setup

For Windows users the last line needs to be 'ruby task/setup'.

== Run test suite

To run test suite, use ./task/test.

== Authors

* Trans
* Paul Battley
* Tim Fletcher
* Derek Lewis
* George Moschovitis
* Michael Neumann

== Changes

Please see CHANGES files.

== Copying

English, Copyright (c) 2006–2008 Tiger Ops

Some libraries within English are copyrighted to respective authors,
or are derivatives of such acknowledged work.

English is distributed under the terms of the Ruby License.
Which is a dual GPL license.