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Jun 17, 2019
Update for Teamspeak API v23

@dedmen dedmen released this Oct 7, 2016

Added CBA Settings implementation to replace userconfig. (#1099)
Added Teamspeak 3.1 support (#1100)
Teamspeak Plugins are now packed in a ts3_plugin installer.
Fixed dead people could hear Zeus (#1048)

Fixed Bug where Teamspeak plugin wouldn't load. Big thanks to Dr_Eyeball!

Update 17.06.2019 this includes new Teamspeak plugins for Teamspeak 3.3.0!!

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@dedmen dedmen released this Sep 30, 2016

This is a developement release its not intended for production use.

Scroll down for the 0.9.12 release

Updated Polish translations (#1141)
Added backend code to allow Radios to be switched off (#1132)
Improved use new param command for function parameters (#990)
Added keybinds to enable/disable whisper/shouting (#887/#992) (Config option available to also trigger PTT when pressing modifier key. Default needs modifier+PTT pressed)
Improved detection of co-pilot seat for helicopters (#903)
Changed addon structure to CBA style
Improved use new isEqualType function instead of comparing typenames (#1086)
Fixed Curator using Remote Control won't update units position correctly
Fixed LR-Radio settings would reset when entering Virtual Arsenal (#1150)
Standardized Classnames (Old tf_* classnames are DEPRECATED)
Added asynchronous commands which will reduce game lag when transmitting data to plugin
Added Semi-Duplex support (#1148)
Added Object Interception (#1154)
Standardized Variable names (Old tf_* variables are DEPRECATED but still working till 1.1 or later)
Added Vehicle Intercom (#974)
Added Static Radios (Tutorial Video in progress) (#1158)
Fixed Frequency variables not applied to Curators (#982)
Moved SR Radio settings to a CBA_Namespace
Fixed Font scaling (#1164)
Moved all scripts from scheduled to unscheduled
Removed Diver Radios (#1127)
Added new Airborne Radio effect(#959)
Added lower/raise Headset hotkeys(#880)
Rewrote Spectator system (#1151)
Arma 64Bit support
Antenna system (#TODO add PR)

Teamspeak specific:
Changed TFAR now only unmutes players that were muted before.
Teamspeak 3.1 Support (#1100)
Fixed Arma freezing when Teamspeak crashes or freezes (#1109/#1112)
Improved radio sounds now only play on the speaker the radio is set to (#821)
Performance improvements in the Teamspeak Plugin
Fixed Teamspeak error if Arma profileName had trailing spaces (#1003)
Using SharedMemory instead of NamedPipe to communicate with Teamspeak
Fixed Teamspeak logspam of 'can't center client'
Fixed 1 second freeze when unloading the Plugin

This changelog contains all major changes till 22.11.2016

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@michail-nikolaev michail-nikolaev released this Jul 31, 2016

  • APEX compatibility issues.
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@michail-nikolaev michail-nikolaev released this Jun 10, 2015

  • tf_bussole radio.
  • Radio background fixes.
  • Updates for spatial audio (thanks to @BaerMitUmlaut)
  • Updated CBA
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@michail-nikolaev michail-nikolaev released this Apr 12, 2015

  • Zeus support fixed
  • Now it is possible to setup keys right after game launch
  • Minor config fixes
  • Some RPT spam fixes
  • Mod icon updated on cover :)
  • OnBeforeTangent event handler

Full changelog.

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@michail-nikolaev michail-nikolaev released this Apr 10, 2015

  • Updated CBA keybinding support
  • tf_mr3000_bwmod_tropen and _tf_rt1523g_big_bwmod_tropen_radios cammo (thanks to @MarcBook)
  • Added OnRadioOpen events to all radios.
  • Docs updates (thanks to @Tourorist)
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@michail-nikolaev michail-nikolaev released this Oct 27, 2014

  • Fixed memory leak in plugin which may cause FPS drop
  • Updated radio sounds
  • Default key for LR additional is Y (but for current user need to be rebinded by hands)
  • Updated mass of backpacks
  • Chezh translation (thanks to EvroMalarkey)
  • Fixed issue with BWMOD encryption codes
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@michail-nikolaev michail-nikolaev released this Oct 21, 2014

  • New models for radio items
  • New sound for radio quarks
  • Give personal radios to SERGEANT and higher
  • Old TS support
  • BWMOD camo for backpacks
  • Integration with upcoming RHS
  • Ability to program rifleman radios via new device MicroDARG (given to everyone by default)
  • Ability to hear speaker on radio on dead body
  • Fixed: speakers volume
  • Fixed: long range tangent stuck sometimes
  • Fixed: Vehicles sound popping
  • Fixed: Speakers now not works underwater
  • Fixed: Now it is not possible to talk from UAV
  • Fixed: More light audio filters for speakers
  • Fixed: freezes on sound loading
  • Fixed: Issue on JIP
  • Fixed: crash if radio sound file not found
  • Fixed: Security issue in userconfig (userconfig file also renamed)
  • Fixed: Issue with fast capslock and voice activation
  • Fixed: Plugin not moves player back to channel after game
  • Fixed: Incorrect quarks volume in vehicles
  • Fixed: getting radios after respawn
  • Fixed: incorrect quark sometimes played
  • Fixed: API function about TS state
  • Fixed: No Zeus freqs while controlling unit
  • Fixed: AN/PRC 152 Display too small
  • Fixed: IS_SPEAKING can cause crash (was causing crash with CSE 0.8.0)
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@michail-nikolaev michail-nikolaev released this Oct 20, 2014


  • Positional audio fixed


  • Fixed robotic sound
  • Fixed sound distance model
  • Fixed game freeze on tangent release
  • Adjusted radio quarks voume
  • Fixed crash on incorrect format of custom sound (need to be 2/48000)
  • Fixed backpacks shadows


  • New audio engine with better spatial audio and new distance model
  • Ability to enable speakers on radios (possible to hear radio on the ground, on unit, in vehicle, etc)
  • Full support for Zeus (can use radios, can hear, can talk even though controlled unit)
  • Fixed tangent stuck
  • Plugin CPU usage optimisation
  • Network usage optimisation
  • Solved "duplicate radio ID problem"
  • Sound isolation for vehicles
  • Fixed issue with mic sound for some players
  • New dialogs for radios including night version (a lot of them, almost all radios updated except airborne)
  • New backpacks models: NATO 1, NATO 2, AFF, OPFOR
  • Old backpack models used by FIA
  • New fancy backpack texture
  • In-game key binding via CBA
  • Now possible to look around (ALT) and use radio
  • Dialogs buttons positions updated
  • Dialogs buttons sound updated
  • More fast spatial position updates
  • Same frequency in team for diver radio
  • CTRL + ~ to talk on diver radio
  • Small radios available in editor
  • Phone sound effect for addonmakers and scripters
  • Diver radio volume increased
  • Fixed getting radio in case of full inventory
  • Fixed issues with civilians players
  • i18n updates
  • Radios now correctly handles TeamSpeak PTT delay
  • Fix turn out issues with few vehicles
  • Default radio volume in userconfig
  • API to get if user uses radio\speaking
  • MR3003 in BWMOD vehicles and infantry
  • Event handlers API
  • Statistic tracker will help me to make mod better
  • A lot of other fixes
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