@dedmen dedmen released this Sep 30, 2016 · 327 commits to 3ddd0d32f5d5268aa52b06433dcfa686cd3e04f8 since this release

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This is a developement release its not intended for production use.

Scroll down for the 0.9.12 release

Updated Polish translations (#1141)
Added backend code to allow Radios to be switched off (#1132)
Improved use new param command for function parameters (#990)
Added keybinds to enable/disable whisper/shouting (#887/#992) (Config option available to also trigger PTT when pressing modifier key. Default needs modifier+PTT pressed)
Improved detection of co-pilot seat for helicopters (#903)
Changed addon structure to CBA style
Improved use new isEqualType function instead of comparing typenames (#1086)
Fixed Curator using Remote Control won't update units position correctly
Fixed LR-Radio settings would reset when entering Virtual Arsenal (#1150)
Standardized Classnames (Old tf_* classnames are DEPRECATED)
Added asynchronous commands which will reduce game lag when transmitting data to plugin
Added Semi-Duplex support (#1148)
Added Object Interception (#1154)
Standardized Variable names (Old tf_* variables are DEPRECATED but still working till 1.1 or later)
Added Vehicle Intercom (#974)
Added Static Radios (Tutorial Video in progress) (#1158)
Fixed Frequency variables not applied to Curators (#982)
Moved SR Radio settings to a CBA_Namespace
Fixed Font scaling (#1164)
Moved all scripts from scheduled to unscheduled
Removed Diver Radios (#1127)
Added new Airborne Radio effect(#959)
Added lower/raise Headset hotkeys(#880)
Rewrote Spectator system (#1151)
Arma 64Bit support
Antenna system (#TODO add PR)

Teamspeak specific:
Changed TFAR now only unmutes players that were muted before.
Teamspeak 3.1 Support (#1100)
Fixed Arma freezing when Teamspeak crashes or freezes (#1109/#1112)
Improved radio sounds now only play on the speaker the radio is set to (#821)
Performance improvements in the Teamspeak Plugin
Fixed Teamspeak error if Arma profileName had trailing spaces (#1003)
Using SharedMemory instead of NamedPipe to communicate with Teamspeak
Fixed Teamspeak logspam of 'can't center client'
Fixed 1 second freeze when unloading the Plugin

This changelog contains all major changes till 22.11.2016