Quick Indent Modifier plugin for Visual Studio
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Quick Indent Modifier

Do you often work with projects using different indentation characters? Are you tired of digging through Visual Studio settings to change the desired option? Quick Indent Modifier comes to the rescue!

Quick Indent Modifier is a super simple Visual Studio add-in. It provides two commands that globally change the indentation settings (the one you can find in Options/Text Editor/All Languages/Tabs) - Use spaces and Use tabs.

These commands are accessible from the Tools menu. A Quick Indent Modifier toolbar is also available, which makes the command available in the editor, saving you another mouse click. Also, nothing prevents you from creating a keyborad shortcut - look for Tools.Usespaces and Tools.Usetabs in the Key bindings panel.


Download the extension from Visual Studio Gallery (https://visualstudiogallery.msdn.microsoft.com/d673841b-8f58-4d5a-914c-b2a740be3fb8) or search for Quick Indent Modifier in the Extensions and Updates window in Visual Studio.


Michał Dudak (http://dudak.me)