Simple implementation with nestedSortable plugin.
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Adjacency List

Simple implementation with nestedSortable plugin.

How to start?

  • Set database config in appliaction/config/database.php
  • Set encryption_key in application/config/config.php
  • Autoload database, session, url and form in application/config/autoload.php
  • Import database.sql file to your database

You're ready to go - http://localhost/your_project/index.php/al

CodeIgniter v3 compatibility

Starting with CodeIgniter 3.0, all class filenames (libraries, drivers, controllers and models) must be named in a Ucfirst-like manner or in other words - they must start with a capital letter. So, you have to rename following files:

controllers/al.php              => controllers/Al.php
models/adjacency_list_model.php => models/Adjacency_list_model.php
libraries/adjacency_list.php    => libraries/Adjacency_list.php