Eclipse aCute - C# edition in Eclipse IDE
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Signed-off-by: Mickael Istria <>
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aCute: C# in Eclipse IDE

Support for C# editing in Eclipse IDE. Relies on OmniSharp and Language Server Protocol.

Video Demo of Editor and .NET Core Commands Integration


NOTE: aCute is in the process of being made an project


Or see Alternative server setup

Installation in Eclipse IDE

Using Eclipse Marketplace:

Using p2 repository: use in the Install New Software wizard


aCute uses the lsp4e project to integrate with OmniSharp Language Server and TM4E project to provide syntax highlighting in order to provide a rich C# editor in the Eclipse IDE.

Alternative server setup

You can setup a local OmniSharp Language Server fetched, configured and working locally. Then at least one of the following environment variables should be set to make Eclipse IDE able to locate your specific OmniSharp-node-client:

  • OMNISHARP_LANGUAGE_SERVER_COMMAND: a command-line to start omnisharp-node-client (such as /usr/bin/node /home/mistria/git/omnisharp-node-client/languageserver/server.js)
  • OMNISHARP_LANGUAGE_SERVER_LOCATION: the location when omnisharp-node-client is installed (such as /home/mistria/git/omnisharp-node-client).

Note that this approach isn't recommended nor supported by the aCute project developers. It's mainly useful for contributors who want to hack things around Omnisharp-node-client and/or aCute.