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API wrapper for Saplo


// Connect to the Saplo-API
SaploManager client = new SaploManager("API_KEY", "SECRET_KEY");

// Connect to the Saplo-API using a proxy
IWebProxy proxy = new WebProxy("host:port", true, new string[0], new NetworkCredential("username", "password"));
SaploManager client = new SaploManager("API_KEY", "SECRET_KEY", proxy);

// Create a new collection and store it in the API
Collection myCollection = client.Collections.Create("My Collection Name", "en", "A description of this collection");

// After a collection is successfully created, it is populated with an ID 
int collectionId = myCollection.CollectionID;
// Create and save new Text
Text myText = client.Texts.Create(collectionId, "Body of My Text, but more meaningful");

// After a text is successfully created, it is populated with an ID
int textId = myText.TextID;

// Extract Tags from your text.
Tag[] myTags = client.Texts.Tags(collectionId, textId);

// Print out the tags extracted
foreach (var tag in myTags)
	Console.WriteLine("Category: \"{0}\"\tTag: \"{1}\"", tag.Category, tag.Name);

For the rest of the API methods and examples, refer to http://developer.saplo.com/

For information on implementing the async methods see http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/awb8dkht.aspx