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Bitcoin library for microcontrollers. Supports Arduino, mbed, bare metal.
C C++
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C++ Bitcoin library for microcontrollers. Supports Arduino, ARM mbed, bare metal.
It provides a collection of convenient classes for Bitcoin and general elliptic curve ariphmetics.
This library is built on top of trezor-crypto library. API is inspired by Jimmy's Porgramming Blockchain class and book.


Classes and functions

Key management:


  • PrivateKey - a single private key class. Stores the 32-byte secret and network information (mainnet or testnet). Can be exported / imported as WIF. Inherits functionality from ECScalar - you can add, multiply, divide them, multiply PublicKey by it etc.
  • PublicKey - a single public key class. Inherits functionality from ECPoint class - you can add them, multiply by scalar etc.
  • HDPrivateKey - HD wallet private key with bip32 functionality. For common derivation pathes (bip44/49/84) automatically detects the script types. Can derive children and hardened children, can be derived from mnemonic or seed.
  • HDPublicKey - An HD public key corresponding to a particular HD private key. Can derive children, but not hardened.

Handy functions:

  • generateMnemonic(int strength) - generates a new mnemonic using RNG
  • generateMnemonic(const uint8_t * entropy_data, size_t length) - generates mnemonic from byte array
  • generateMnemonic(const char * entropy_string) - generates mnemonic from the string

Other Bitcoin classes

  • Signature - ECDSA signature
  • Script
  • Witness
  • Tx - transaction class
  • TxIn
  • TxOut

Extra classes:

  • PSBT - partially signed bitcoin transaction (bip174)
  • ElectrumTx - unsigned electrum transaction, poorly implemented, consider using PSBT instead.

Elliptic curve math

  • ECScalar - a 256-bit number modulo N (curve order)
  • ECPoint - a point on an elliptic curve (secp256k1)

Hash functions

Hash functions defined in Hash.h file.

Single line functions:

  • sha256
  • sha256Hmac
  • sha512
  • sha512Hmac
  • rmd160
  • hash160 - rmd160(sha256(m))
  • doubleSha

And corresponding hash classes (with HMAC support):

  • SHA256
  • SHA512
  • RMD160
  • Hash160
  • DoubleSha

Future development


  • external key storage support (i.e. smart cards and chips like ATECC608A)
  • cryptoaccelerators and TRNG support
  • handy functions to construct knowns script - HTLC, multisig, timelocks
  • script evaluation
  • tests (especially on the edge cases)
  • security audit of the code - improve on sidechannels etc
  • micro-python bindings
  • lightning support (probably gonna be a separate library)
  • memory optimizations (internal storage for large transactions to reduce RAM footprint etc)

Classes to be implemented:

  • BlockHeader
  • MerkleProof
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