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JavaScript library for embedding Power BI into your apps. Check out the docs website and wiki for more information.
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JavaScript library for embedding Power BI into your apps.

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See the wiki for more details about embedding, service configuration, setting a default page, page navigation, dynamically applying filters, and more.

Code Docs

See the code docs for detailed information about classes, interfaces, types, etc.


New live demo for a sample application using the powerbi-client library in scenarios such as page navigation, applying filters, updating settings, and more.


Install via Nuget:

Install-Package Microsoft.PowerBI.JavaScript

Install from NPM:

npm install --save powerbi-client

Installing beta versions:

npm install --save powerbi-client@beta

Include the library via import or manually

Ideally you would use a module loader or a compilation step to import using ES6 modules as:

import * as pbi from 'powerbi-client';

However, the library is exported as a Universal Module and the powerbi.js script can be included before your app's closing </body> tag as:

<script src="/powerbi-client/dist/powerbi.js"></script>

When included directly, the library is exposed as a global named powerbi-client. There is also another global named powerbi which is an instance of the service.

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