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A Rack middleware for form-based authentication
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"For over a thousand generations the Jedi Knights were the guardians of peace and justice in the Old Republic. Before the dark times, before the Empire." -- Obi-Wan Kenoby


Cerberus is a Rack middleware for form-based authentication. Its purpose is only to offer a nicer (or more actual) replacement for Basic HTTP authentication.

Install with:

# sudo gem install rack-cerberus

You can use it almost the same way you use Rack::Auth::Basic:

require 'cerberus'
use Rack::Session::Cookie, :secret => 'change_me'
use Cerberus do |login, pass|

Like in that example, make sure you have a session, because Cerberus use it for persistent login.

There is an optional hash you can add for customisation it. Options are:

  • :company_name
  • :fg_color (foreground color)
  • :bg_color (background color)
  • :text_color
  • :icon_url (for a company logo or any icon)
  • :css_location

Which is used that way:

use Cerberus, {:company_name => 'Nintendo'} do |login, pass|

The purpose of Cerberus is to be basic, which is why there are enough options to have a page fairly customized with colors and logo (:icon_url). The logo can even replace the company name if you leave :company_name blank. But should you be fussy, this is possible to have more control using an external CSS file with the option :css_location.

Just like Rack::Auth::Basic, Cerberus yields login and pass, and delegate authentication to the block you send it which should return a boolean.

If you want to see a concrete example, go into the Cerberus directory and run:

# rackup

It's gonna start the example at http://localhost:9292

You can also use the 3rd argument which is the request object:

use Cerberus, {:company_name => 'Nintendo'} do |login, pass, req| pass=='secret' && req.xhr? end

This is more if you use it as a gateway for an API or something and you want to check other values. Like the referer or another parameter. But bear in mind that cerberus_login and cerberus_pass are still mandatory.


Any request to /logout on the path where the middleware is mounted will log you out. In other words, if you put the middleware at /admin, query /admin/logout to be logged out. Pretty simple.


If you want to help me, don't hesitate to fork that project on Github or send patches.


0.0.1 Changed Everything somehow
0.1.0 Make it possible to authenticate through GET request (for restful APIs)
0.1.1 Documentation improvement
0.1.2 Raise message when using without session
0.1.3 Don't go to page /logout when signing in after a logout (redirect to / instead)
0.1.4 Fix /logout redirect so that it works with mapping
0.1.5 Fix CSS and Javascript for IE (Yes I'm too kind)
0.1.6 Send an Array instead of a string to Rack so that it works on Ruby 1.9
0.2.0 External CSS file + `:text_color` option + keep details after login failure
0.3.0 Now sends request as a 3rd argument to the block
0.3.1 Escape HTML in fields now that they are kept


(c) 2010-2011 Mickael Riga - see MIT_LICENCE for details

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