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A bad copy of vdrnfofs in C
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Don't be cruel as this is my first C program....i am a network/it guy, not a programmer....
This is a C versión of the clear, well programed (at least for a newbie like me) vdrnfofs in python
I started doing it for two reasons:
- To learn a bit of C.
- Thinking that making it in C will speed up reads to transcode the video. I noticed a little bit more speed but nothing worth of.

To compile (needs fuse-devel, libfuse-devel,etc. depends on linux distribution)

gcc -g -Wall vdrfs4.c `pkg-config fuse --cflags --libs`  -o vdrfs4.exe

I have to try later with -o2 to see what happens.

To run (needs fuse):
./vdrfs4.exe /media/disk/tele /mnt/tmp -o allow_other 

where /media/disk/tele it's the folder containing vdr records and /mnt/tmp the mounted directory.
You can pass options to fuse with -o parameter, in this sample we add allow_other to allow other users apart from root to mount the filesystem.
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