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Use my new makefile based website generator instead: mblog.

Blog system for my website ✏️ 📙

This is how I create blog posts on my personal website.

I wanted my personal website to be a minimal static website which serves content using nginx. The main purpose of my website is to have a blog so I made this bash script to make the process of creating new posts very simple. This script is a modified fork from

Features of blogi

Blogi is a small bash script that let's you write blog posts on a website. The main features are:

  • Index page for all of your blog posts. Example on my website.
  • Each blog post has their own standalone page.
  • Each blog post is added in it's entirety to a RSS feed. See my RSS feed for an example.
  • Script also creates a sitemap.xml file for SEO and updates it with each post.
  • Command which can delete a post from all of these pages automatically.
  • Each post can also be revised after publishing.


Main credits for inspiration go to Luke Smith.