CLI API for node-notifier as separate package.
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node-notifier CLI

Separate package for node-notifier CLI.


npm i [-g] node-notifier-cli

or try it out with npx

npx -p node-notifier-cli notify -t 'Hello' -m 'My message'


notify -h
# notify
## Options

    * --help (alias -h)

    * --title (alias -t)
    * --subtitle (alias -st; not available on Windows OS)
    * --message (alias -m)
    * --icon (alias -i)
    * --sound (alias -s; use none to disable default sound notification)
    * --open (alias -o)
    * --port (alias -p)
    * --host
    * --failsafe (alias -x; time in milliseconds)

## Example

   $ notify -t "Hello" -m "My Message" -s --open
   $ notify -t "Agent Coulson" --icon
   $ notify -m "My Message" -s Glass
   $ echo "My Message" | notify -t "Hello"