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The amazing 🐕will normalize non-standard Finnish
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🐶 Murre 🐕


The amazing Murre (genitive Murren 🐕) will normalize non-standard Finnish (puhekieli) to standard Finnish (kirjakieli). This repository is maintained by Mika Hämäläinen.


This library is designed for Python 3 and it may not work on Python 2.

pip3 install murre
python3 -m


To normalize Finnish, all you need to do is to run:

from murre import normalize_sentence

print(normalize_sentence("mä syön paljo karkkii".split(" ")))
>> minä syön paljon karkkia

To use the same chunk level BRNN model as described in the paper, you can pass wnut19_model=True, however this model might only work on Linux.

You can normalize multiple sentences at the same time by running

from murre import normalize_sentences

sents = ["kissa syö karkkii", "jok laulaa tuol puole", "en tiiä oikee et kuka se o", "kyl on hölömöö"]
sentences = [x.split(" ") for x in sents] #tokenize each sentence [["kissa", "syö", "karkkii"], ["jok", "laulaa"...]...]

>> ['kissa syö karkkia', 'joka laulaa tuolla puolen', 'en tiedä oikein että kuka se on', 'kyllä on hölmöä']


Niko Partanen, Mika Hämäläinen, and Khalid Alnajjar. 2019. Dialect Text Normalization to Normative Standard Finnish. In the Proceedings of the 5th Workshop on Noisy User-generated Text (W-NUT).

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