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Script that automates upgrading and securing of Ubuntu host then deploys Ubiquiti UniFi Controller.
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Script that automates upgrading and securing of a Ubuntu host then deploys the Ubiquiti UniFi Controller.

To learn more, visit and follow @tabor_mike on Twitter.

What it does

  • Updates all packages on the system.
  • Configures UncomplicatedFirewall (UFW) to allow only SSH and Ubiquiti UniFi ports, then enables UFW.
  • Adds the UBT repo then installs latest version 5 of UniFi Controller.
  • Installs Fail2ban then adds definition and fail regex to monitor for failed UniFi logins.

How to use

Simply run the following command from terminal:

sudo bash

Log into UniFi by going to: https://SERVER_IP:8443

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