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Scan and Export RouterOS Password
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Mikrotik Exploit

Scan and Export RouterOS Password

allow you to scan subnet of IPv4 in loop with different port.


install python3


$ apt-get install python3
install python3 Python package manager


$ apt-get install python3-pip


$ ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"
export PATH=/usr/local/bin:/usr/local/sbin:$PATH
$ brew install python3
Install dependencies
$ pip3 install ipcalc
$ pip3 install requests
Clone the repository
$ git clone
$ cd MikrotikExploit

How to use

scan single ip: In script root dir

$ python3

scan with different port

$ python3 -p 8282

scan range of ip

$ python3

scan list of IP from file

$ python3 -f list.txt

Not wokring on some versions

all versions from 6.29 (release date: 2015/28/05) to 6.42 (release date 2018/04/20)

Secure your router

Update RouterOS and limit Winbox login

ip firewall filter add chain=input in-interface=wan protocol=tcp dst-port=8291 action=drop


this repository forked from BigNerd95/Chimay-Red and BasuCert/WinboxPoC with some changes for subnet scan, use different port and IP list file.

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