Host software especially suited for delta 3d printers
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3Δ Printer Control

3Δ is a host software for 3d printers of the delta style. In many aspects it is similar to Pronterface. However it brings additional motion control better suited to non-cartesian delta printers.

List of features:

  • GCode console
  • Connection via serial port or telnet
  • Plots for temperature, temperature deviation and heater PWM
  • Relative and absolute motion control especially suited for delta printers
  • Calibration assistance for delta printers
  • GCode lookup taken from
  • SD card upload and play
  • Send: direct playing of GCode files

This is how it looks:

3Δ Gui


Just download the file 3delta and make it executable. Besides that you need the following packages which are available under the usual Linux distributions

apt-get install tcl8.5 tk8.5 tcllib tklib

Then start it with

$ ./3delta 192.168.1.x
$ ./3delta /dev/ttyACM0

to access your printer either via telnet or via a serial port.


This is very new software! I am using it for my MOST-Delta (see also github), but I cannot guarantee that it works for you. But I am happy to help if it doesn't :)

I am currently using Smoothieware as firmware. Some features might not work with other firmwares since the output format sometimes differs. I would appreciate patches which make this work with other firmwares.

In principle 3delta should work also under Mac and Windows when the current Tcl/Tk packages are installed. However I didn't test it.