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Prune map blocks from map.sqlite.
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A simple tool to prune minetests' map.sqlite file and delete all blocks outside a certain range.

This program is licensed LGPL-2.1, with MIT components. It includes some code from minetest verbatim to convert blockpos-nodepos.


mtmapprune map.sqlite max_x [max_y [max_z [min_x min_y min_z]]]

If omitted, max_y and max_z default to the value of the max_x limit. The min_* limits will default to the negative values of the max_* limits. The limits are node positions, not "block positions".

Example: to prune all nodes with x and z > 1000, and x and z < -1000 and y > 200, and y < 200, use:

mtmapprune map.sqlite 1000 200

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