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Script API: Document ObjectRef handling in a comment

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sfan5 committed Feb 23, 2020
1 parent 2df226b commit 4da057cc49082192bbc45689d80dec3410e41f27
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@@ -333,6 +333,20 @@ void ScriptApiBase::setOriginFromTableRaw(int index, const char *fxn)

* How ObjectRefs are handled in Lua:
* When an active object is created, an ObjectRef is created on the Lua side
* and stored in core.object_refs[id].
* Methods that require an ObjectRef to a certain object retrieve it from that
* table instead of creating their own.(*)
* When an active object is removed, the existing ObjectRef is invalidated
* using ::set_null() and removed from the core.object_refs table.
* (*) An exception to this are NULL ObjectRefs and anonymous ObjectRefs
* for objects without ID.
* It's unclear what the latter are needed for and their use is problematic
* since we lose control over the ref and the contained pointer.

void ScriptApiBase::addObjectReference(ServerActiveObject *cobj)

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