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minim offers a super simple PHP Blog Management System. The code is Open Source and you're free to modify, distribute and use it for private and commercial projects.

It's ideal for simple travel blogs or publishing news. It has an easy administration interface and an automatic generated RSS feed. Themes and other modifications are fully customisable.


  • Upload all files to your webserver
  • Edit the config file: config/config.php
  • Modify header/footer: config/ and config/


  • Use any file transfer program to upload your files
  • Upload your post to the posts, static pages for navigation to the pages directory
  • Your files can be Markdown or HTML
  • Files will be listed in reversed order. Number them or use a date format like Y-m-d or Ymd
  • Images and files can be uploaded to the uploads directory: linked with ./uploads/
  • Automatic generated RSS feed linked to your blog:
  • Add meta information to your post or page:
date: YYYY-mm-dd H:i:s
title: Your Title
tags: set,as,many,tags,as,you,want
description: Meta description
robots: index,follow


  • Always keep a backup of your complete system
  • Download latest version of minim:
  • Upload everything except the config (!) directory and replace the existing files
  • Check if the config/config.php changed (happens very rarely) and edit your own config/config.php


  • Addons can be placed in the addons directory and enabled in config/config.php
  • Administration addon for file management:
  • There is a search addon. You can add the search form for example to config/foot.php
echo'<footer><form action="./?search" method="post"><input type="search" name="item" placeholder="'.translation('Search').'" required><input type="submit" name="search" value="'.translation('Search').'"></form></footer>';
  • If you want to create your own theme, just place it in themes and change the name in config (don't modify the default theme… otherwise you have one more thing to backup if you update)
  • You can style the different parts of your blog individually:
<body class="*">
*page, post, site
  • If you want to change the HTML head or add content after footer: put it in config/head.php and config/foot.php


  • Enable HTTPS in .htaccess: uncomment rewrite rules
  • Sensitive directories are protected by .htaccess and system files by prohibited direct access
  • Change the admin password if you enable the admin addon (!)
  • If you find a bug please contact me


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