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This is the official Python implementation of WordCraft: An Environment for Benchmarking Commonsense Agents.

Example episode


If you use this code in your work, please cite our paper:

    title={WordCraft: An Environment for Benchmarking Commonsense Agents},
    author={Minqi Jiang and Jelena Luketina and Nantas Nardelli and Pasquale Minervini and Philip H.S. Torr and Shimon Whiteson and Tim Rockt\"{a}schel},
    booktitle={Workshop on Language in Reinforcement Learning (LaRel)},


Create a conda environment and install dependencies:

conda env create -f environment.yml
conda activate wordcraft
pip install -r requirements.txt

Install spaCy model for GloVe embeddings:

python -m spacy download en_core_web_lg


Train a self-attention actor-critic using IMPALA on WordCraft:

python -m run \
        --xpid "testing" \
        --env 'wordcraft-multistep-goal-v0' \
        --split by_recipe \
        --train_ratio 0.8 \
        --depths 1 \
        --num_distractors 1 \
        --feature_type glove \
        --discounting 0.99 \
        --reward_clipping none \
        --learning_rate 0.001 \
        --entropy_cost 0.01 \
        --unroll_length 2 \
        --total_steps 3000000 \
        --arch selfattn \
        --num_actors 2 \
        --num_threads 4 \
        --batch_size 128 \
        --test_interval 50000 \
        --num_test_episodes 500 \

The Environment

Create a new WordCraft Gym environment: env = gym.make('wordcraft-multistep-goal-v0', **kwargs). See the table below for a listing of the relevant keyword arguments.

Argument Description default
data_path relative path to recipes .json datasets/alchemy2.json
recipe_book_path absolute path to a serialized RecipeBook object, useful for ensuring train/test split consistency None
feature_type How words are represented. One of ['one_hot', 'random', 'glove'] 'glove'
shuffle_features Set to True to shuffle GloVe features w.r.t. words False
random_feature_size Size of random features 300
max_depth Task depth, the number of recipe combinations needed to reach the goal 1
split How to split train and test sets. One of ['by_goal', 'by_recipe'] 'by_recipe'
train_ratio Ratio of goals or recipe used for training 1.0
num_distractors Number of irrelevant items present in the starting set 0
subgoal_rewards Set to True to reward creating intermediate entities and penalize, irrelevant entities True
seed RNG seed, though see N.B. below for ensuring truly reproducible behavior. None

Interactive mode

Interactive mode preview

Try running the environment in interactive mode :)

python -m scripts.interactive --depth=1 --num_distractors=1 --max_mix_steps=1 

Note --max_mix_steps is the total number of recipe attempts allowed. It defaults to the task depth.


To make environments completely deterministic, you must first fix PYTHONHASHSEED in the shell by executing export PYTHONHASHSEED="0". You can turn random hashing back on by setting this value back to random: export PYTHONHASHSEED="random".


A environment for benchmarking commonsense agents



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