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Ghost Qiniu Storage

This Ghost custom storage module allows you to store media file at Qiniu instead of storing at local machine. It requires Ghost greater than 1.x!



  • Install Qiniu storage module

    npm install ghost-qn-store
  • Make the storage folder if it doesn't exist yet

    mkdir content/adapters/storage
  • Copy the module into the right location

    cp -vR node_modules/ghost-qn-store content/adapters/storage/qn-store

Via Git

In order to replace the storage module, the basic requirements are:

  • Create a new folder inside /content/adapters called /storage

  • Clone this repo to /storage

    cd [path/to/ghost]/content/adapters/storage
    git clone
  • Install dependencies

    cd qn-store
    npm install

The Old way

The instruction below is NOT recommended for upgrade reason:

Your install instructions require users to do an npm install --save - this modifies the package.json and makes the upgrade path for Ghost much, much harder. This was never the intention with the storage system. (via)

  • Installation from NPM.

    npm install --save ghost-qn-store
  • Create storage module.

    Create index.js file with folder path content/adapters/storage/qn-store/index.js (manually create folder if not exist).

    'use strict';
    module.exports = require('ghost-qn-store');


In your config.[env].json file, you'll need to add a new storage block to whichever environment you want to change:

  // ...
  "storage": {
    "active": "qn-store",
    "qn-store": {
      "accessKey": "your access key",
      "secretKey": "your secret key",
      "bucket": "your bucket name",
      "origin": "",
      "uploadURL": "",
      "fileKey": {
        "safeString": true,
        "prefix": "YYYYMM/"
  // ...

More options:

storage: {
  active: 'qn-store',
  'qn-store': {
    accessKey: 'your access key',
    secretKey: 'your secret key',
    bucket: 'your bucket name',
    // bucket domain
    origin: '',
    // timeout: 3600000, // default rpc timeout: one hour, optional

    // uploadURL is related with bucket
    // see:
    uploadURL: '',

    // file storage key config [optional]
    // if `fileKey` not set, Qiniu will use `SHA1` of file content as key.
    fileKey: {
      // use Qiniu hash as file basename, if set, `safeString` will be ignored
      hashAsBasename: false,
      safeString: true, // use Ghost safaString util to rename filename, e.g. Chinese to Pinyin
      prefix: 'YYYY/MM/', // {String} will be formated by moment.js, using `[]` to escape,
      suffix: '', // {String} string added before file extname.
      extname: true // keep file's extname
    // take `外面的世界 x.jpg` as example,
    // applied above options, you will get an URL like below after uploaded: